The ShamWow:
- Cleans up spills quickly.
- Will not scratch or damage any surfaces.
- Perfect for house, boat, car and pets.
- Machine washable.
- Guaranteed to last for 10 years.

Act now & we'll double your ShamWow order.

Add to Cart >> 10 year warranty - ShamWow

You'll get 8 ShamWow towels for just $19.95 + $7.95 S&H!

Sham wows are backed with a 10 year warranty.

No sales tax except for Nevada residents.

$9.95 S&H for orders to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, The Virgin Islands, & Puerto Rico.

Shamwow towels

You Get 4 Large ShamWows
As Well As 4 Small ShamWows
That's 8 ShamWows At Just $19.95!

Each ShamWow is made in Germany using this revolutionary material that is able to absorb an astonishing 10+ times its own weight of any liquid.

Use ShamWow to clean up spills quickly. And it doesn't even scratch surfaces!

They can be used as a towel or on any of your pets. They also work perfectly for your car, boat and many other household uses.

ShamWows are also so durable that we back them with a 10 year warranty. Re-use them over and over again!


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